Ready to live on purpose?


I empower millennial women to transform “aha!” Moments into aligned behavior so they live life as their best self, in purpose and on purpose.

Ready to connect with yourself on a deeper level? This is Your Safe Space If You Are Struggle With…



You are ready to live as the version of yourself that God says you are.




Living a life in alignment with what God has called you to do.




You’re ready to be clear on what your next level requires of you.




You’re ready to put yourself in position to live a life of alignment with your best self.

How to work with me...

I’m that coach that gets you through the messy-in-the-middle transition. The coach that supports you while you face yourself. The coach that helps you rebuild your foundation so that you’re stronger, wiser, and more solid in you!

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This is a personalized experience where I personally walk you through your journey.



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Group Coaching

(Coming Soon) The program is meant to provide a safe space where women going through similar journeys can connect, be supported and encouraged through difficult spots, and celebrated in times of triumph.

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Speaking Engagements

I would be honored to lend my voice where women are being celebrated, uplifted, and supported.

“What is it costing you not to live in alignment
with the best version of you?”

Janinne Britton

About me

I am Coach Jae Rene’, your Soul Reset Coach.

 I help women get out of their own way by
transforming “aha!” Moments into aligned behavior so they are living life as their best self, in
purpose and on purpose.

I am the coach for the woman who knows she needs to do something different, but may not be
quite sure what that something is. I’m the coach for the woman who wants to be more clear on
who she is. I’m the coach for the woman who needs help navigating that messy-in-the-middle
transition that comes along with elevation and becoming a new version of you. I’m the coach for
the woman who doesn’t mind living outside of her comfort zone so she can live in line with her

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Job searching is not fun. In fact, it can be overwhelming, frustrating, and discouraging at times.
Current events along with my busy life were starting to get to me. I decided to protect my mental health by taking time away from everything.